Sunday, March 1, 2015

2014 was a bust, let's try 2015!

Wow when Ernie lost his job last year I completely forgot about posting how I was doing, suffice to say it was a bust, and I am starting over from stage one.

Body fat percentage: 47%
Weight: 301 (crazy, that has to be changed!!!)
We joined a gym as a family, finally Ernie and I are doing something together.

Did the aqua class today, and I loved it! Ernie did his own thing and we use the kids club so its really nice.

I'm excited, and hopeful this will be the year for a change.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1, 2014

Current weight: 268

Current measurements:
            Waist: 43"
            Hips: 54"
            Left Thigh: 29"
            Left Calf: 17"
            Left Bicep: 15"

What has changed:
  I have gained 2 inches is my waist, 1.5 in my hips, lost .75 in my thigh, lost 1.5 in my calf, and gain .5 in my bicep.

Any thoughts I have:
It has been 3 months, blah, 3 months!!!
I have gone up some, so I can see there is a difference, it tells me I need to get back on track with my day time eating and my exercise.

I went and saw my doctors in May, and they said all my blood levels are good, my Dr. said my cholesterol is excellent!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My goal size

When I was in college and first married I wore these black pants from new York and company, I started out in a 12 or 14 and then went to a 16 and 18 and then we moved and were broke and had kids and then I realized the pants no longer fit. I resigned myself saying I will no longer fit into them ever again. I have changed my mind! I want to wear them again, my hubby says they are the favorite pants he ever saw me wear, and I like a happy hubby too! :) So I looked up the sizes online and to get into an 18 seems achievable the waist is 35 1/2 inches and the hips are 45 1/2 inches, so now I have a goal! :D

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014

Current weight: Didn't weigh myself.

Current front picture:

Current side picture:

Current measurements:
            Waist: 41
            Hips: 52.5
            Right Thigh: 29.75
            Right Calf: 16.5
            Right Bicep: 14.5

What has changed:
Well, there is the obvious, I have lost 5 inches in my waist!!!  I am still in shock!!! Lost 2 inches off my hips and thighs, and an inch off my calves and biceps.  I am so happy!!!

Personally I have enjoyed eating trim and healthy.  I like the food, I like the way I feel when I eat it, It is so good!

I have also started keeping track of some things, in January I washed all the dishes in the house 23 days in a row.  Previously I had never washed all the dishes 7 days in a row, so this is a HUGE change!!! I have it now so it takes me less than 10 minutes to clean my entire kitchen every night before bed.

In January I ate Trim and Healthy ALL DAY 14 days, the other days I may have eaten Trim and Healthy part of the day, but 14 days eating Trim Healthy ALL day!

In January I exercised 9 times, it was supposed to be 15 so I flopped at that.

My goals for February are to eat Trim and Healthy 16 days, and to exercise 12 days.

I'll keep ya posted! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

Current weight: Did not weigh myself.

Current front picture:

Current side picture:

Current measurements: I did not measure myself.

What has changed:  Going into the New Year I had been eating a lot of junk, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do THM again.  But after a few weeks of eating poorly I was feeling like junk, so by the new year I was ready, and on Jan 4th I went grocery shopping and bought all THM foods.

Any thoughts I have:  I am ready to do this, lets see how it goes...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Preparing to get Lean in 2014

Ok here is my plan, we have not been eating properly due to finances and the holidays, but my hubby got a job!   So we are going to eat THM again starting the new year!!!  Praise the Lord, having a job is good!

It's tough, I am not making New Year's resolutions, it just happens that everything starts with the new year because that is when my hubby gets his first paycheck.

So here is my plan to Get Lean in 2014!

I am doing these video routines... 3 days a week

So how does this break down?

January - 15 days
February - 12 days
March - 12 days
April - 15 days
May - 12 days
June - 12 days
July - 15 days
August - 12 days
September - 12 days
October - 15 days
November - 12 days
December 15 - Days

I will weigh and measure myself the first day of every month, and record my progress throughout the month.